Chocolate Yoga Workshops & Events

Chocolate Yoga currently holds workshops and events on the east coast of Australia. See below for the latest workshop schedule. If you are interested in hosting a Chocolate Yoga workshop in your area, we would love to hear from you! We are keen to spread the chocolate love far and wide to bless yogis and non-yogis alike. See below for more details and how to contact us. Sign up to our fortnightly newsletter to keep updated on our upcoming workshops and Cacao Dance events.


Chocolate Yoga Journey

at: SAT NAM Institute, Mullumbimby (NSW)

Friday 16th Febraury, 2018

This inspiring workshop assists us with ancient profound kundalini yoga and meditation practices to clear blocked energies and old limiting thought forms, so we can experience our highest potential.

This is a rare opportunity to take part in birthing some creative magic – you are being offered a special invitation to be part of a memorable Chocolate Yoga journey that will be filmed by ABC! Tickets are being sold at discounted rates.

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop has been cancelled due to the ABC now being unavailable to film on this date. Big apologies from the Chocolate Yoga team.


Chocolate Yoga Workshop

Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong, Sydney and Melbourne

Chocolate Yoga has recently finished another east coast tour. Love and blessings to all Yogis and Yoginis who joined us and the Cacao Spirit to bathe in the Chocolate bliss! Thanks for all the great feedback, we look forward to packing up the car and heading your way again very soon. We’ll keep the workshop page updated with the latest schedule, so check back regularly.

If you are interested in experiencing the merging of two of your deepest passions in a workshop that will inspire you and breathe new life into your yoga practice, please contact us. If you can organise a group of 7 or more, we will come to you! See you soon.