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    Ceremonial Grade Cacao

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    Ceremonial Grade cacao is the highest vibrational form of Cacao. Chocolate Yoga's Ceremonial Grade Cacao is sourced from a Cacao Shaman in Guatemala who uses it for ceremonies and inner work. Ceremonial Grade Cacao is perfect for ceremony, yoga, meditation, all forms of inner work and any creative endeavours.

    Sacred Whites - Yoga & Ceremony Clothing

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    Chocolate Yoga only offers you the most divine yoga and ceremony clothing available. Nomads and MahaDevi brands offer you lighter, softer fabrics in bamboo, and hemp blended with soft organic cotton, to allow for drape and flow. Perfect for your yoga practice!Organically grown, ethically sewn.


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    At Chocolate Yoga, we sell only the highest quality products to support your yoga practice. Where we can we support organic, fair trade, environmentally friendly products that you know not only look and feel great, but are protective of mother earth and the global community.