Sacred Mayan Ceremonial Cacao Beans (454g – 1lb)


Sacred Mayan Ceremonial Cacao now comes in whole beans! Sacred Mayan Ceremonial Cacao Beans are the same incredible Ceremonial Grade Cacao that is hand selected by Keith the Cacao Shaman on the banks of Lago de Atitlan in Guatemala. Now its comes in an easier to use whole bean format. Put a few in your pocket, or you handbag for a delicious snack that not only picks you up, but loves you up!. Throw some in your morning smoothie for nutritious drink with some texture that opens your heart. Or simply grab a few beans and consume then consciously before your meditation or yoga practice.

Sometimes, there just isn't enough time to prepare a full ritualistic sacred hot chocolate before your morning practice. Now you can simply munch some beans down and enjoy the wonderful heart connection in your practice that you are looking for.

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The Highest Grade Ceremonial Cacao

Sacred Mayan Ceremonial Cacao Beans are the highest grade Ceremonial Cacao. They the original Ceremonial Grade Cacao and still the best!

It’s no Ordinary Cacao!

Sacred Mayan Ceremonial Cacao Beans are truly no ordinary cacao. Simply put, they are the most energy intense Cacao on the planet, being 20% stronger than the strongest Peruvian Cacao beans. They are perfect for any spiritual practice or any creative endeavour. Try them today. Sacred Mayan Cacao is the original and still the best!

What are Sacred Mayan Ceremonial Cacao Beans?

Sacred Mayan Ceremonial Cacao is the only brand of Cacao on the international market that is hand selected by a Cacao Shaman specifically for use in sacred ceremony and inner work. Sacred Mayan Ceremonial Cacao Beans are truly Ceremonial Grade Cacao – the highest quality cacao available, it is a cut above the rest in taste, medicinal properties (as a superfood) and as a consciousness facilitator.

Chocolate Yoga’s Sacred Mayan Ceremonial Cacao Beans come from surrounding areas of Lago de Atitlan in Guatemala. This cacao is the real deal. It is the prized cacao that the Ancient Mayan spiritual elite valued so highly, that they used it as currency. It was like gold to them. This cacao is the sacred Criollo variety, grown in the wild on mature trees and farmed without chemicals in the Guatemalan rainforest.

Sacred Mayan Ceremonial Cacao Beans are hand selected by our amazing Chocolate Shaman who tunes into the beans to feel the presence the Ancient Mayan spirit. The beans are mildly fermented in the pod, extracted and lightly heated on a hot plate to kill any bacteria that may be present from the fermenting process and so the outer shell can be removed easily. Guatemalan women then hand peel the beans and throw away any mouldy ones – which is uncommon in cacao production. The beans are then transported to a antique mill that has only every been used for grinding cacao. As the whole beans are ground, the powder warms and forms into a paste. This paste is then poured into 454g blocks and shipped directly to Chocolate Yoga.

The Ceremonial Grade Criollo beans were prized by the Ancient Mayans because they are an ancient plant medicine, a heart opener, a consciousness facilitator and wise teacher. Chocolate Yoga’s Sacred Mayan Ceremonial Cacao Beans promote greater connection to the cosmos when used in ceremony and meditation. This is why we use it for Chocolate Yoga & Cacao Ceremonies! This connection is facilitated by the Cacao Spirit or Cacao Deva. Next time you have a dose of Sacred Mayan Ceremonial Cacao Beans, try meditating and connecting to the plant spirit of Cacao. She can be beautiful, soft and gentle, yet potent and powerful.

The production of the cacao is a small, family run operation headed up by Keith the Chocolate Shaman and Isaias who we know personally. All farmers and workers are paid fairly for their work, so you know when you purchase Sacred Mayan Ceremonial Cacao from Chocolate Yoga that you are supporting fair trade, local farmers and families.

For more information about Sacred Mayan Ceremonial Grade Cacao, check out our Sacred Cacao Blog.

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