Vitality & Stress – 6 Week Course

Don’t miss out on this NEW & very important upcoming course –

Vitality & Stress– 6 Week Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Course

Vitality & Stress begins on the New Moon in March (12th March), which is an excellent time for dropping outdated habits of stress and setting new goals for vitality. Costing $132 for 6 weeks ($22 per class) at the door or you can Book online now to receive a $22 discount!! An offer too good to miss AND an experience too good to miss! Each week gives you valuable tools, for de-stressing in these crazy times so you can live in your vitality.

Week 1 – Explore Your Vitality, Recognise Your Stress
Week 2 – Adaptive & Toxic Stress
Week 3 – Commotions, Consciousness & Character
Week 4 – Perpetual, Preventative Habits
Week 5 – The Spiritual Warrior: Identity & Victory
Week 6 – Cherdi Kala: Heal & Lead in the Aquarian Age

Click here for my inspiration for this Stress & Vitality course.


BOF Class Timetable

TUESDAYS (5:30 – 7:30pm)
Pioneer Hall, 32 Gordon St, Mullumbimby

WEDNESDAYS (9:00 – 11:00am)
Temple Byron, Melaleuca Drive, Byron Bay

If you know of anyone interested in attending Conscious Pregnancy PreNatal Yoga classes please contact Sjha’ra on 0432 084 090.

Regular classes continue until March 12 ($20 for 2 hours).

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