Chocolate Yoga In The Media

Chocolate Yoga has been getting the attention of the media in recent times. Check out what the media has to say about the divine and delicious events that we offer…

Backlash (The Echo)

The Echo
Backlash, a great lover of dark chocolate, has become aware of local Chocolate Yoga Classes… As everyone in law enforcement knows, chocolate is a gateway drug… Read more…


Yummy Yoga (Take 5 Nagazine)

Take 5
Here is Take 5 Magazine’s version on how we discovered Chocolate Yoga… Including their slightly comical creative license of “Sjha’ra’s Story”. It’s a must read for a laugh…Read more…


Chocolate Yoga Interview (BayFM)

Bay FM
Chocolate Yoga was interviewed by Andy Travis on the Lighthouse Lounge. Part One is an introduction to Sjha’ra & Shaa, while Part Two is more Chocolate Yoga related.

Part 1:
Part 2:


Chocolate Yoga: Flavour of the Year (Echonet Daily)

Echonet Daily
Sjha’ra Taylor, centre, shows a block of pure Ceremonial Cacao, while Maren Guessmann, left and Bronwyn Birdsall, right hold cacao pods after last Saturday’s workshop (28/7/12) at St Martin’s Hall, Mullumbimby. Read more… 


Sweetening Exercise (Northern Star)

Northern Star
CHOCOLATE and peanut butter. Chocolate and strawberries. These are popular and proven combinations, but chocolate and yoga? It’s not such an unusual mix if you take into account the spiritual qualities of pure chocolate, says Sjha’ra Taylor  
Read more…
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