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Yogi Tip #9, Nabhi Kriya

Nabhi Kriya

With the increase of fiery energy experienced during this evolutionary period, specifically this Aries full moon, you may access angry, frustrated, confused, and ‘out of control’ feelings. We encourage you to use this anger as a meditation. Allow …


Yogi Tip #8, Meditation to Call Upon the Maha Shakti

Maha Shakti

Today not only marks the celebration of my birthday, but also Day 40 of the 40 Day Meditation Commitment that Shaa & I embarked on together. And let me tell you I am feeling super high!! It has …


Yogi Tip #7, Heart Opening Meditation

Heart Opening Meditation

If you sense there may be a lid or lock on your heart, or simply want greater heart opening to experience more love flowing in your life, do this heart opening meditation:




Yogi Tip #5, Shuni Mudra

Because this moon in Taurus is all about being patient & knowing that all is in divine perfect timing, our yogi tip for this moon is Shuni Mudra, the seal of patience. But first…

What is a Mudra & why


Yogi Tip #4, Meditation for a Calm Heart

Meditation for a Calm Heart

Sit in an Easy Pose, with a light jalandhar bandh.
(This is a gentle neck lock. Simply glide your chin back slightly to elongate at the back of the neck, hold here without straining.)



Yogi Tip #3, Meditation to Break Addiction

Meditation to Break Addiction by Yogi Bhajan

Posture: Sit in easy pose or in a chair with your spine straight.

Focus: The eyes are closed and focused at the third eye point.

Breath: The breath will come automatically.

Mantra: Mentally …


Yogi Tip #2, Ego Eradicator

Ego Eradicator

This Moon is an ideal time to reflect for a moment on where we have come from in order to decide where we truly want to go. So here’s the ego eradicator yogic exercise to help you get …


Yogi Tip #1, Breath of Fire

Breath of Fire

Description: Sit in easy pose with spine straight. Begin rapid, rhythmic continuous equal inhales & exhales, with no pause between them. Through the nose (the mouth is closed throughout), powered by the navel & solar plexus. Power …

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