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New Moon in Leo – August 2012

NEW MOON IN LEO – Saturday 18th August 1:54am

The previous few Moons have triggered powerful, intense, expansive processes forcing us to face our shadow sides, recognise which choices took us down certain paths and get clearer on who we …


Full Moon in Aquarius – August 2012

FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS – Thursday 2nd August 1.28pm

It is time to dream a new world into being under this full Moon in Aquarius.  2012 is whizzing by and the veil of illusion is lifting. Many of us are …


New Moon in Cancer – July 2012

NEW MOON IN CANCER – Thursday 19th July 2:25pm

This new moon in cancer could be our chance to be held by the sweetness of love that pulsates through every living thing. Allow yourself to get maternal enough to nurture …