Traditional Mexican Mole (Vegan Friendly)

Have you ever heard of a savory chocolate dish? Traditional Mexican Mole is it.

FACT: Traditional Mexican Mole is chocolate sauce that is usually served as a savoury dish, typically over white meat.

TEMPTATION: Now you can try it for …


How to make the Perfect
Sacred Hot Chocolate

Making the perfect Sacred Hot Chocolate isn’t as difficult as it sounds. There are a few little known tips though, that make it turn out silky smooth and absolutely delicious.


Sacred Mayan Cacao
Vanilla pod
Chilli / …

Reach For The Stars With Sacred Cacao

Reach For The Stars With Sacred Cacao

Chocolate is getting a lot of good press lately with its super-food qualities promoting heart health, blood cleansing and even assisting with weight loss. But few people know of the spiritual value of chocolate. It wasn’t until we met and …


Chocolate Pesto!

WOW! The other day we walked into Kulchajam & an angel in the guise of a man appeared bearing a gift from the Gods…. he held out a bowl of Chocolate Pesto. Yes, you heard me – Chocolate Pesto! Mmmm!! …

Chocolate Yoga Gets in Trouble!

Chocolate Yoga Gets in Trouble!

Sexuality and Spirituality Workshop

Recently I was greatly encouraged at the Byron Spirit Festival by the number of Tantra workshops, the huge interest they sparked and the large attendance they received.

A few experiences with running workshops of late had …

What Are The Health Benefits of Cacao?

What Are The Health Benefits of Cacao?

By now, you have heard that cacao is a superfood. But just how good is it? The answer is “surprisingly so!” The health benefits of cacao go way beyond that of even most superfoods. In fact, cacao is one of …


What is Mayan Ceremonial Cacao?

Chocolate Yoga prides ourselves on sourcing and using the highest quality cacao available for our yoga workshops and soon to be held Chocolate Ceremonies. We use only Mayan Ceremonial Grade Cacao. So what do we mean when we call our …

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