Traditional Mexican Mole (Vegan Friendly)

Have you ever heard of a savory chocolate dish? Traditional Mexican Mole is it.

FACT: Traditional Mexican Mole is chocolate sauce that is usually served as a savoury dish, typically over white meat.

TEMPTATION: Now you can try it for …


How to make the Perfect
Sacred Hot Chocolate

Making the perfect Sacred Hot Chocolate isn’t as difficult as it sounds. There are a few little known tips though, that make it turn out silky smooth and absolutely delicious.


Sacred Mayan Cacao
Vanilla pod
Chilli / …

Reach For The Stars With Sacred Cacao

Reach For The Stars With Sacred Cacao

Chocolate is getting a lot of good press lately with its super-food qualities promoting heart health, blood cleansing and even assisting with weight loss. But few people know of the spiritual value of chocolate. It wasn’t until we met and …


Chocolate Pesto!

WOW! The other day we walked into Kulchajam & an angel in the guise of a man appeared bearing a gift from the Gods…. he held out a bowl of Chocolate Pesto. Yes, you heard me – Chocolate Pesto! Mmmm!! …

What Are The Health Benefits of Cacao?

What Are The Health Benefits of Cacao?

By now, you have heard that cacao is a superfood. But just how good is it? The answer is “surprisingly so!” The health benefits of cacao go way beyond that of even most superfoods. In fact, cacao is one of …


Chocolate Smoothie

The Green Dream

Friday morning in Mullumbimby means the farmers market, to get loads of delicious, locally grown, chemical free produce. It’s often a rush to get there after our morning practice in time for the best selction. So breakfast …

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