Yogi Tip #1, Breath of Fire

Breath of Fire

Description: Sit in easy pose with spine straight. Begin rapid, rhythmic continuous equal inhales & exhales, with no pause between them. Through the nose (the mouth is closed throughout), powered by the navel & solar plexus. Power up with breath of fire!

To Exhale: air is expelled through the nose by pressing the navel point & solar plexus back towards spine
The Inhale: comes naturally as part of relaxing thenavel/belly again, rather than through effort: as the upper abdominal muscles relax, the diaphragm extends down & the breath naturally comes in to fill the vacuum created by your exhale.

Eyes: Eyes are closed, focused at third eye point.

Comments: Keep face, chest, hands & feet relaxed. Don’t practice BOF during pregnancy or during the first few days or heavy flow of your moon cycle. (In this case breathe long & deep, without pumping the navel. Make the healing cleansing breath conscious so you can still receive the benefits)

Time: Start with only a few minutes and slowly build up over time to 3-6 minutes.

NB. For some it’s easy to do 6 mins of this breath right away, for others the breath creates dizziness. If so, take a break, with long deep breathing & return to BOF whenever you feel ready. Some tingling sensations or light-headedness is normal to experience as your body adjusts to the new breath & new stimulation of the nerves. Concentration on the brow point may help to relieve the sensations. However sometimes the symptoms are the result of toxins being released. For this you can assist the process by drinking plenty of water and switch to a lighter diet.

Benefits: There are many benefits of practicing BOF, some include;
• Strengthening your inner fire which purifies, cleanses & heals
• Purifies blood, by removing toxins from the tissues, lungs and mucus membranes
• Increases the vital capacity of the lungs to improve health
• Strengthens the Nervous System, in particular it stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which is vital for reducing stress
• As you master this breath you master the lower chakras & take command of your self


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