Yogi Tip #2, Ego Eradicator

Ego Eradicator

This Moon is an ideal time to reflect for a moment on where we have come from in order to decide where we truly want to go. So here’s the ego eradicator yogic exercise to help you get clear & do just that, so you can come from a place of truth not egoic personality:

Posture Description: Sit in easy pose with the spine straight. Pull the chin in slightly to apply light neck lock. Bring the arms up at a sixty degree angle with the floor, keeping the elbows completely straight.

Mudra: Curl the fingers in towards the pads at the top of the palms; extend the thumbs – like a yogic thumbs up sign, to ‘plug you in’ to the universe.

Eyes: Closed, focused at the brow centre or third eye.

Breath: Do Breath of Fire.

Time: Start with 1-3 Minutes. If you like, gradually, over time you can build up to 31 minutes.

End: Inhale, suspend the breath & bring the arms up until the thumbs touch above your head. Then exhale, open the hands & slowly sweep your hands & arms down, consciously cleaning the energy in your electromagnetic field, wiping your aura clear of negativity.

Benefits: This works on the ego, while simultaneously releasing stale air from your lungs, expanding lung capacity, & increasing vital energy. It relaxes any tension around the heart; strengthens the nervous system to help manage stress, thus restoring nervous system balance. This allows you to move more freely between action & relaxation. It will also help to focus your mind.

Comments: This exercise is a powerful way to release negativity and cut through blockage – Next time you’re stuck or confused, try it!

Keep up & you will be kept up!” – Yogi Bhajan


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