Yogi Tip #11, Yogic Prayer

Yogic Prayer

Before we commenced our yoga today I shared this prayer in class to set sacred intentions for a deeper practice. We share with you now, in hope it may deepen yours too…

Divine Spirit,

Let this practice be more than just a chance to tune up my body and clear out my mind clutter;

But also a chance to fall deeply in love with my Self;

Enter into dialogue with my Soul and discover its beauty;

Build compassion, forgiveness and softness for my limitations, whether physical or other;

Foster true acceptance for where I am right now, for this IS the perfect place to be.

Grant me the courage and strength to carry me through the shadows, for it is in journeying through the desert of my own darkness that I can discover the oasis of light within.

May I find the support to release with my very breath old patterns and rigidity; to awaken new energy, soft unfolding and openness.

May I bring the light of consciousness to my unconscious limitations, and through love and acceptance may I transform and open to ever greater heights.

May I be divinely guided in my practice to accelerate the healing of my body, mind and soul.

May I learn to listen to Spirit speaking through me; even through the aches or pains of my sacred body, the yearning of my heart, and the whisper of my mind.

May I touch my depths & know my truth

Through my practice may I unlock my heart to find the way home & remember who I truly am.

Sat Nam
Sat Nam
Sat Nam