Yogi Tip #21 <br>Dog Breath Pranayam

Yogi Tip #21
Dog Breath Pranayam

Dog Breath Pranayam

EYES: Close your eyes

POSITION: Sit with a nice straight spine

BREATH: Open your mouth, extend your tongue out as far as you can and pant rapidly like a dog. Pant fast and deep, putting the power of the diaphragm and navel into it. As the breath comes in, the navel moves out. As the breath goes out, the navel moves in. Pump your belly.

TIME: Continue for 3 minutes or longer. For the last minute or so of your practice, allow the sound of your panting to move back down into your throat and become more guttural.

BENEFITS: We love what Gurmukh has to say about this pranayama:

“This breath pattern will help clear your body and throat chakra of toxins. It helps to super-oxygenate your blood if you are feeling rundown. It is said to help get rid of viral diseases, as well as open up areas of your brain to increase intuition. It will help you to clear out old lies and fears and leave you with speaking your truth.”

“When you speak, it should be as if Infinity is speaking.”Yogi Bhajan

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