New Moon in Cancer – July 2012

NEW MOON IN CANCER – Thursday 19th July 2:25pm

This new moon in cancer could be our chance to be held by the sweetness of love that pulsates through every living thing. Allow yourself to get maternal enough to nurture your own inner child!

“After the logical, motivated reasoning of the Capricorn full Moon, the new Moon in Cancer brings the focus back to the heart of the home and family so that we can get our ‘house’ in order…

Issues surrounding the home, family, personal safety and security are bought to the surface during a Cancer Moon. Your intuition is extra strong so find some quiet time to yourself so you can listen to the ‘voice within.’

The Cancer New Moon is also one of the most emotional Moons of the year, because it is ruled by the Moon so everything we are feeling is illuminated to an even greater extent. Most importantly it amplifies our intuition.  Over this Moon we can no longer ignore our conscience that will become more pronounced and clear… [This may] bring to the surface all our hidden feelings around the home, security and safety. It will illuminate our weaknesses so that we can see how we hold ourselves back.  Those that are ready to face their dark side and accept their mistakes will be able to see this as an opportunity not to make the same mistakes again.

When we hang on too tightly to our desires and try to control outcomes the more emotionally difficult this Moon will be.  Those that are in denial of their actions and behaviour may find this Moon brings to the surface hidden anger, frustration, sadness, hurt and pain that has been buried deep within.

Try and be an observer of your emotions and moods, rather than get pulled deep into Cancer’s watery depths. We are all going through emotional turmoil and the more aware we are of the feelings of others the easier it will be to avoid conflicts and arguments. Surrender and acceptance are the qualities needed to surf this coming energetic wave.

The Cancer New Moon reminds us to be more like the crab, the symbol that represents Cancer.  Most crabs are very sociable and travel in packs, reminding us to turn to family and friends for help and support. A crab also has a hard shell but a soft underbelly prompting us to accept our vulnerability rather than hiding ourselves under a hard outer shell.

The crab also reminds us that we must trust ourselves, especially when it feels we are going sideways rather than forwards. If your goals are clear and your intentions have been set we must surrender to the natural flow of life and allow ourselves to be effortlessly guided to where we want to go.”

Blessings to my Moon Sista Rebekah Shaman for this post.

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