New Moon in Scorpio – November 2012

NEW MOON IN SCORPIO – Wednesday 14th November, 9:08am

The New Moon in Scorpio is the most intense of the year, reigniting our passions and at the same time taking us deep into our emotional depths. We are being influenced by its ruling planets, Mars, the god of War, and Pluto, the god of the underworld, creating a colliding of desires and hidden emotions.

We are going to feel it even more intensely this year, as it is also a total eclipse of the sun. Solar eclipses are always considered an auspicious time and heighten what is already happening on the planet, bringing to the surface any darkness that may have been obscured by the veils of illusion.

With the Scorpio moon, the eclipse illuminating reality as it is, and fuelled by Pluto and Mars, we may well see some more disturbances happening around the world, as people react against injustices that can no longer be ignored. We are also still in Uranus retrograde which is sparking the rebellious spirit.

On a more personal level, this passionate Mars energy and the clarity it brings can spur you to end a relationship that is no longer serving you or discontinue a partnership, agreement or contract that is not working.

Use its watery energy for healing and acceptances seeing both sides of the situation, rather than anger and hatred, as both reactions are feasible under this moon.

Alternatively, spend some romantic time with your significant other, as passion between couples is at its peak. We feel more seductive and sexy during a Scorpio moon so use the inspiration to look good if you have been neglecting yourself lately. Pamper yourself with a haircut, massage/manicure/pedicure/facial or just shopping for sexy underwear/clothes. This is also a good moon to try for a baby.

Under the influence of Pluto, suppressed feelings are drawn out and we are faced with the truth of our past decisions and choices. It brings to the surface hidden regrets, guilt, anger and frustrations that have been buried deep within.

The more you can find forgiveness for yourself and any past injustices done to you, the easier it will be to cope with the emotional turmoil that can arise during this Scorpio moon. Otherwise, you could find yourself spiraling down into hopelessness.

Rather than fight what is coming up, use this moon as an opportunity to see reality as it is and not as you would like it to be. We cannot change what has past, we can only accept what has happened and let it go.

To help us through this emotional moon our intuition is amplified so we can hear our inner voice. The more you trust your intuition to guide you the stronger it will become.

To help maximise your extrasensory abilities practice using your intuition; if you are getting a feel to call someone, or go somewhere, follow the inner guidance without questioning the rationality. Often the solution is right under our noses, we just need to let go of working it out in our minds and let the answers come intuitively. My Scorpio moon ritual below gives more guidance for utilising your intuition.

We are also a few days into mercury retrograde, which may already be creating havoc with communications on all levels. Travel plans, scheduled meetings, technological machines and electrical goods can go haywire during this time so don’t fret if things aren’t flowing smoothly, everything will normalise by the end of the month.

Because it is in Scorpio we are able to get a more profound perspective about our goals, projects, and creative aspirations. Use this period to get a clearer idea of what is actually happening, letting go of any fantasies or illusions that are deceiving you.

The more you can use this time to turn inwards in order to revise, re-evaluate and re-examine your life and projects, the clearer the direction will be when Mercury goes forward on 26th November.

You may, therefore, find yourself more withdrawn over this moon and not wanting to socialise much. Enjoy the solitude. Things will get busier as we come out of the Mercury retrograde and face a more sociable Gemini full moon at the end of the month.

This is also a good time to de-clutter your house and get rid of any unwanted things that belong to the past. When we let go of stuff on a physical level we are also energetically making room for new things and people to come into our lives.

To surf this moon energy with as little emotional turmoil as possible you will need an element of self-discipline and self-acceptance. When we are clear of who we are and where we are going we are more able to acknowledge our choices and the path we have walked.

The different moon cycles are here to guide us and ensure we are on the right path. If negative emotions are coming up over this Scorpio dark moon use them to empower and fuel you to see your past and present with a deeper clarity and understanding, enabling you to create the future you desire.

I will end this with the wise words of the Serenity Prayer.

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Scorpio New Moon Ritual

This is a ritual to help connect with your intuition.

The intuition is not ‘a voice’ as all voices we hear are coming from our minds, our conditioning, society and inner critic. It is a feeling that energises and flows around the body and moves us in a clear direction. In order to feel this energy we must be in silence, where our rational thoughts are no longer controlling our head-space and we can access this inner energy. From this space of silence, of deep peace, a knowing arises that resonates at the deepest level. This is our connection to life, to existence, this is our intuition.

Find some space and time, as it is essential you do this ritual in peace and quiet. Create a warm, nurturing space where you feel calm, peaceful and harmonious. Breathe in deeply using your diaphragm and breathe out all stress and negativity so that your mind becomes clear and focused on the present. Repeat this three times.

Spend some time becoming the observer and allowing your thoughts to just flow past you without giving them any importance. When you feel in a peaceful place, when the torrent of thoughts has become more of a river, ask for the answers you have been looking for.

You can ask for anything but here are a few questions to give you an idea:

Is this relationship coming to an end?
Is this person right for me?
What work is best for me?
How do I best help/deal with/support …………?
Why am I ill?
How can I best deal with my illness?
Do I take this job?
Is it time to move house?
It is time to change jobs?
What do I need to do to help my financial situation?

Try not to use ‘should I, shall I’ when asking your question. Use the same line of questioning as above, as it is more purposeful and determining.

Ask your questions from your heart and feel the energy of it flowing around your body and with no expectation of the answer. Some answers we can hear immediately, others are more difficult to hear. This is usually because we are attached to a certain outcome, and we don’t allow ourselves to hear the reality.

The more you can allow yourself to remain the observer and just feel your inner prompting you will get your answer. Sometimes, if you don’t fully trust the answer it can come in other ways. I always trust it, if I get three synchronicities around the situation.

Over this moon use your intuition to become aware of the synchronicities that surround your questions. When we are open to the signs and messages all around us we can see that Life is constantly prompting us to follow our true desires and giving us the answers through different mediums.

The more you can lessen the hold over your rational mind and expectations, and give your inner voice space to speak, the more wondrous and magical this world becomes.

With Gratitude, Blessings and Love to my moon sister Rebekah Shaman for this post.

“Life is the game of games, the ultimate game. It has tremendous meaning if you take it as a game and you don’t become serious about it. If you remain simple and innocent, the game is going to impart many things to you. All these games are like classes at a university. You pass through each class; you learn something. Then you move into another class. So this game of life has to be played very skilfully. If you are not skillful, you will miss much that is valuable. To be skillful means to be aware. Bring more awareness into each act of your life, into each step of your being.” ~ Osho Rajneesh

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