Chinese New Year – February 2013


The Chinese New Year, always falls on the Aquarius new moon… This year we are entering the year of the feminine Water Snake.

The yin water snake brings with it a transmutation of our belief systems, as it awakens us to a greater consciousness, by enabling us to see beyond the illusion. Throughout this year the difference between what we think is real and the actual reality will become more distinct, as the water snake shows us what is a mirage and what is genuine.

We are also being urged to finally transmute any patterns of behaviour, addictions and fears that have been holding us back (Check out our Yogi Tip for a Meditation to Break Addiction). It is time to let go of our delusions about who we think we are and start living our truth and who we really are.

On a collective level, systems will start disintegrating, as the scale of corruption at the highest levels finally comes to the surface and can no longer be ignored. From a personal perspective, relationships that we thought were real and sturdy may crumble quickly and with no warning, and projects that have no real root structure will wither and die. Conversely, ideas that have been marinating for a while may well suddenly take root and flourish.

The snake energy awakens our sensuality and sexuality, and we will feel a rise in the collective Kundalini energy of transformation. The more we can let go of attachment the easier it will be to transmute what is no longer serving us. When we go with the flow, rather than try to control the outcomes, we can acknowledge the reality and take appropriate action. To raise your kundalini energy and transform your sexual energy into spiritual energy, we are offering the perfect workshop for you!

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