New Moon in Sagittarius, December 2013

Tuesday 3rd December 2013, 11:22am (AEDT)

The New Moon in Sagittarius on December 2/3 encourages you to dream big. Sagittarius rules future vision. Sagittarius is about truth, wisdom and the expansion of consciousness.

You are not to be limited or held back by what is going on in your life today. Sagittarius is the visionary part of you. Visionaries see things others either do not see as clearly or are not as motivated to act on. They have the ability to see into the future…to see more deeply into the present and see the bigger picture.

Albert Einstein believed that imagination is everything. Without dreams the people perish. “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and bring itself to believe, it can achieve.

New Moons are new beginnings. This is one of the best New Moons of the year. The New Moon in Sagittarius invites you to be creative. Get out of the box of limited thinking. Challenge your perceptions of reality.

Question what you are being told by the media, society, religion and family. Discover what is true for you. Align your goals with your truth and you will be successful. What is your point of brilliance? Your point of brilliance is where you shine the brightest. That is doing what you do to the best of your ability.

Uranus is in harmony with both lights the Sun and the Moon. Uranus empowers you to cut through the chains that bind you. These chains are the limiting beliefs, patterns and behaviors that hold you back. These keep you from reaching your fullest potential/power.

December will be an ideal time to make a break from the past. A fresh start can feel invigorating.  It can breathe new life back into your lungs. You will be successful when you reach out to encounter new experiences…

Chiron is in Pisces. It is squaring (challenging) both the Sun and the Moon. Chiron is the wounded healer…Chiron acts to bring up your courage by facing your fears, wounds and weaknesses. Chiron square to both lights is about self-respect.

The Pluto/Uranus square is challenging everyone to change or be changed. Change can be daunting at times. However, Uranus is in harmony with the New Moon in Sagittarius. Make change your ally, not your foe. Take advantage of this opportunity to make graceful changes in your life…

Do not fear conflict or struggle. This is real growth. Transformation and change are a force for good in your life…

Mercury the messenger enters Sagittarius on December 4. On the one hand, this is an encouraging and inspiring energy. On the other hand, you want to watch out for making big plans and promises. The messenger’s long visit in deep dark Scorpio can overreact now that he is in exuberant Sagittarius.

You want to be careful not to over commit and under deliver. You don’t want to appear as the jack of all trades and the master of none. It is wiser to under promise. You can then over deliver. This will make you the hero and not the villain.

Mars enters Libra on Dec 7. Mars in Libra on the one hand you can be persuasive, enthusiastic and direct. On the other hand, you may be augmentative, angry and stubborn. The warrior planet is not happy in peace loving Libra. Don’t sacrifice what you want and need to please others. Don’t be as meek as a lamb and as angry as a hornet. This may backfire on you…

This is an excellent time to expand an existing business or start a new one. Branch out into new areas. You may find the most practical solution to any problem and then move in that direction. Your clarity of intention is powerful.  You are focused on what you want to achieve.

Use this time to build a strong personal foundation from which you can launch. This aspect peaks on Dec 12. This supportive energy will be around in December and part of next year…

Your creative Self-expression comes from your magical inner child. Your inner child is your dazzling soul. Empower your soul. Make progressive changes that will make your life better. Right choices for what you need. Listen to your heart. Listen to your soul.

Real growth is painful at times. Pain makes you feel alive. Joy makes you feel alive. You may experience challenges and loss in order to grow you. The caterpillar is in pain giving birth to the butterfly. We have to fight for our freedom from the Matrix.

Freedom to be who you really are is the gift of Sagittarius…Creator’s Love, Grace and Blessings are flowing in and around you.

Sagittarius invites you to reach for the stars. Go for your dreams. Your mantra is ‘For My Highest Good and for the Highest Good for All Concerned.’

You can pass every test on your path of initiation…There is a time to every season. Embrace the change. Release, let go and you will soar higher.

Thanks to my moon sista Kelley Rosano for this post.

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