Chinese New Year, 2014

Year of the Wooden Horse

This year we are being guided by the wooden horse, which brings out the best of the horse so expect well-deserved victories, unexpected adventures and surprising romances. The year of the horse inspires us to get in the saddle and take charge of where we are going with an innate sense of who we are and what we want to achieve.

The more prepared we are and the more we know our horse, the easier it will be to navigate our projects and visions. We will pick up momentum through this year, and it may be challenging to stay on track with lots of opportunities opening up so the clearer you know your destination, the easier it will be to remain on course.

However, a wooden horse year makes us more diligent, creative, artistic and determined and we can take on a whole lot more work and be able to time manage more efficiently.

This year we can see things more optimistically and find more creative solutions to challenging situations. This will help us remain steadfast and stay on course, regardless of what is happening around us, and not feel too desperate if things are not going exactly to plan.

We are more inclined to aspire to greater things and be more extravagant, which may well spur some of us on to find greater financial and material stability. You may also find a sudden need to travel and explore. The horse nurtures independence and freedom to roam, so utilise the energy if an opportunity for adventure suddenly appears, especially if you have been feeling suppressed and stuck in a rut.

However, be careful you don’t get too big headed, ambitious or egoistic with sudden achievements and fame, as this is one of the big stumbling blocks of a horse year and can alienate you. We may well see some secrets coming out of the closet over the year, as it’s hard to keep a secret during a horse year.

The horse is a very pertinent symbol for this year, as it brings good fortune, determination, and a sense of inner knowing that inspires us to take risks, especially for those who have been standing on the side lines, waiting for the right opportunity to leap!

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