Full Moon in Aquarius, August 2014

Monday 11th August 2014, 4.09am (AEST)

The Full Moon in Aquarius is the moon of rebellion, revolution and defiance. It sparks the collective consciousness, as we realise we are all in this together. It is considered a super moon because the moon’s only 356,896km from Earth, and multiplying the already intense energies on the planet.

Whereas, the Leo new moon was all about individualization; shining bright, promoting ourselves and being self-centred, this full moon in Aquarius brings the focus back to the world and our place in it. Over this moon we can clearly see the consequences of our actions and how they are affecting us not only individually, but also collectively.

The selfish perspective transmutes into the humanitarian perspective, as we become more aware and conscious of what is happening on our planet, what we are doing to the other animal and plant kingdoms and to each other.

Aquarius helps us to re-evaluate our value systems and illuminates where we are not in alignment in our own lives. If you are doing a job, in a relationship or working for someone that does not serve your core values, Aquarius is the moon that is going to highlight the rift between your heart and your mind.

This rift can lead to a crisis, sparking sudden awakenings that shatter the status quo, bringing with it huge transformation and accelerating the change. For those who have been too afraid to change, pent up frustrations and feelings of disempowerment can lead to a need to release them over this full moon.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and Saturn. Uranus is the planet of freedom and revolution, unafraid of standing up against consensus reality. Saturn is the planet of limitations and obstacles and is squaring the moon. Both planets inspire us to break free from the fear and anxiety that is holding us back both on an individual and collective level.

Uranus urges us to break the rules for personal freedom, fracture tradition, stand up to authority, and go beyond our comfort zones. The dissatisfaction with our present situation is fuelling us to exert our independence, power and allow the rebel within to have its say, encouraged by the previous Leo new moon, to find our voices and express our feelings. Many of us have remained obedient and silent while facing great injustices for too long and this full moon illuminates what we are really feeling.

The sign of Aquarius is also represented by the water bearer, who pours water on the land. This is a metaphor for pouring energy into our dreams and visions to nourish them, ready for next month. It is the month and moon for preparation. Allow your ideas to marinate, gain clarity and form, socialise, share your ideas, and make connections. Let the energy, creativity and intuition of Aquarius enable you to think outside the box, and find new ways of doing things so we are fully ripe and ready for the visions we have planted over the year(s) to blossom this spring.

This full Moon turn your attention outwards and share your ideas, talents, creativity and skills with your local community, work, friends and family. When we serve the common good we feel a deep sense of belonging, connection and satisfaction that creates well-being, harmony and happiness. Follow up on any inspired ideas, especially the ones that pop into your mind unexpectedly, and don’t allow lethargy and fear hold you back from following your intuitive flow.

According to many the Age of Aquarius is a time of revelation, of uniting as one species, and a conscious evolutionary shift that will break us out of the current rut we are in so that we can start making the changes required to keep this planet healthy for the next seven generations. The full moon in Aquarius gives us the courage and fortitude to believe we can, because under this moon we can recognise that despite our differences we are all equal.

I will end this Moonscope with the wise words of Charles S. Weinblatt:

“Only when we learn to value the differences among us can we achieve the true spirit of humanity.”

Love and Blessings to my moon sista Rebekah Shaman for this post.

Full Moon Ritual

This moon can bring up a lot of pent up emotion and frustration. A good exercise if this is the case is to shake. Shaking loosens the tension and muscles, dispelling excess energy and has a calming influence.

It’s best to do this outside under the moon’s rays or to drumming or rattling (easily downloadable on itunes), or both. First, plant your feet firmly on the ground, deeply supported and balanced by Mother Earth, then feel the top of your head reaching up into the cosmos, to the centre of our galaxy so you become a channel between heaven and earth.

Set your intention; what you would like to release, get clear what you are seeking, what guidance do you need?

Very slowly and subtly start to shake your hips and pelvis, and gradually let the shake become stronger and more energetic until it automatically starts travelling around your body. Give yourself permission to get out of your own way, let go of control and let the shake, shake you! Immerse yourself in the moonlight, or the music (or both) and let your body do what it needs to do.

Empty your mind of thoughts as you shake out any tension, stress, anxiety, fear, pain, hurt, anger, frustration and sadness. Don’t get caught up in the story or emotion, instead breathe into the shake and allow your body to dissolve it away releasing all the pent up energy to mother earth.

Don’t force the shake, but let it come effortlessly and energetically for about fifteen minutes and then stop, let the shake ebb out of you. Turn off the music, lie down in silence and let the healing energy flow through your body. This is when the mind is silenced and we can hear the messages from the heart.