New Moon in Pisces, March 2014

Saturday 1st March 2014, 6:59pm (AEDT)

The new moon in Pisces on the 1st March heralds the end of this zodiac cycle. We must now remain in suspense as we experience the final exhale of a turbulent and challenging year. The inhale of a new cycle on the Aries new moon lands auspiciously on 30th March, so we have two new moons in one month.

Mercury goes forward on March 1st and the time of preparation, re-evaluating and reflecting, is over. Time is going to start speeding up dramatically and we must be sure in which direction we are navigating our ships and which horizon we are heading for. During this period faith and patience are essential, as we wait for the right conditions and winds to send us in the right direction, especially as Mars is now going retrograde.

Mars is going retrograde in Libra, the sign of balance on 1st March until May 19th. During this period things may feel as if they are slowing down again, as we are given a further opportunity to clear away the dross and lighten our lives. Rocky relationships, work arrangements and agreements can dissolve over this period, as it becomes harder to turn a blind eye to what is happening.

We also become more aware of our actions and responses and see where we are imbalanced so we can consciously begin righting any wrongs that we may have committed or where we are not serving ourselves. It enables us to find compassion and empathy, rather than anger and indifference so we can recognise the discord and disharmony both in our lives and in the world. We are being coerced to participate so we can decide what part we want to play in the unfolding story of humanity, ignited by this new moon in Pisces.

Many of Jesus’s teachings are directly connected to the values of Pisces. One of the most famous “do unto others as you would have done to you!” Mathew 7:12 reminds us that we are all one, we are all connected and every action is a ripple that goes out into the world and those very ripples return back to us.

Ruled by water and the planet Neptune, Pisces moon shakes us awake by dissolving the veil of illusion so we can clearly see what our actions have created and how everything is interconnected. For many it can be a difficult, emotional moon, as we have to confront the choices we have made, and tackle any destructive, negative behaviour head on.

We see life as it is and not as we would like it to be, creating loss and longing in individuals that have to face reality. In a wider context we may well see some corruption within our financial, economic and political systems, and a few more sex scandals come to light.

Individually, our need to belong and feel part of the whole is illuminated during this moon sparking off deep feelings of insecurity if you are not serving others, or working in an environment that is contributing to the systematic environmental and social disintegration.

The new moon in Pisces helps us to understand that we must take personal responsibility for what is happening in our own lives and on planet Earth so that we can start making conscious choices. It reconnects us to the greater whole and we can remember we are a part of it and not apart from it.

It also reminds us that in order to see change we must first change our own behaviour. If we want to experience peace and harmony we must start finding that in ourselves. We have to let go of the victim mentality and the emotional self-pitying, dissatisfaction and disempowerment it creates.

The Pisces moon is the sign of the dreamer, of the imagination, creativity and the observing self by accessing our right brain. When our hearts and minds are in alignment this moon sparks our resourcefulness and inner ingenuity, making the impossible, possible.

Many challenges that we are facing now as a species on Planet Earth can no longer be solved by the rational, systematic, selfish masculine left brain thinking which is now dominating our world. We have to stimulate the empathetic, compassionate feminine right brain and access our intuition, creativity and innovation, to find the answers we are looking for.

This Pisces moon and Mars retrograde will help us to access this right part of our brain so that we can resolve the issues that are creating disharmony and discord in our lives, both on a personal and global level. As Einstein so rightly said “you cannot solve a problem at the same level of consciousness that created it.”

In order for us to maintain a healthy planet for future generations the time has come for us to start evolving and waking up the right brain that has been accessed by shamans, healers, artists, poets, and musicians since time immemorial.

In most of the world we have annihilated these holders of Earth wisdom and now it time for all of us to reawaken the right hemisphere of our brain in order to exist in harmony on this Planet.

I will end this Moonscope with the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi:

I offer you peace. I offer you love. I offer you friendship. I see your beauty. I hear your need. I feel your feelings. My wisdom flows from the Highest Source. I salute that Source in you. Let us work together for unity and love.

Love and Blessings to my moon sista Rebekah Shaman for this post.

New Moon Ritual

This is a very healing moon so whether you are alone or with a group of like-minded people find the time to create a healing circle/space. This ritual is about getting connected your inner healing energy and sharing it with others.

When you have completed all your tasks for the day and have time and space, sit in a quiet room or sacred space. Burn incense for ambience and place a special candle in front of you, or in the middle of the circle if you a sharing the ritual. Sitting in a comfortable position with your back straight, close your eyes and become aware of your body. Connect deeply and slowly with your toes, legs, thighs, torso, arms, neck, face and then crown.

Inhale calm, relaxing blue light into each area. As you exhale, release any stress, tension and frustration you find, simply breathing it out of your body. Repeat this process until you feel relaxed and stress free.

Notice a light shining in your solar plexus, slowly increasing in strength and vitality. Begin to feel really alive, letting it flow around your body. Don’t be in a hurry, just allow the energy to find its own flow. If you come across any blockages or grey areas, allow your consciousness to help the light infiltrate these areas until you feel your whole body glowing from within.

Imagine your seven chakras being enveloped in the seven colours of the rainbow; each colour represents the seven rays of Creation and a quality with a specific energy. Tune into each chakra and its quality, until you feel the glow of light and the energy coursing round your body, and then pass to the next chakra.

First = Root Chakra = Red – quality of Roots/Foundation, Courage and Strength

Second = Sacral Chakra = Orange – quality of Acceptance, Recognition and Gratitude

Third = Solar Plexus Chakra = Yellow – quality of Joy, Understanding and Illumination

Fourth = Heart Chakra = Green – quality of Healing, Creation and Focus

Fifth = Throat Chakra = Sky Blue – quality of Peace, Harmony and Truth

Sixth = Third Eye Chakra = Indigo – quality of Acceleration, Purity and Upliftment

Seventh = Crown Chakra = Violet – quality of Service, Unconditional Love and Transformation

Feel the energies of these seven colours flowing through your body, gather them and then send them out into the room, until it is vibrating with the energy. Say the names of the people who need this healing from you out loud, to mingle with the energies. Imagine them in the room with you surrounded by your love, warmth and the colours of the rainbow. Imagine their illness, addiction, and pain being burned up by the candle and see them glowing with your healing energy. If you have a desire to communicate with them, take the time to say what you need to say without anger or judgement. This is an energetic healing ritual, working at collective levels of consciousness.

Finally send this accumulated energy out into the world to whoever may need it, to Mother Earth and into the cosmos so all beings can bathe in your love and goodwill. Finally send the healing back to you and thank yourself for being the wonderful person that you are. Feel gratitude for the magical and wondrous gift of Life, Light and Love that supports and nourishes us even when we are not aware.

If you have been feeling blocked or stuck in creative areas, this new moon in Pisces is full of creative and inspirational energy so tap into it. This is a good time to finish, or begin, that album/ book/song/poem/painting/essay you have been promising to do. Really concentrate on completing projects so that by the full moon in Virgo and the Autumn Equinox you are ready for new beginnings.

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