Scorpio New Moon, October 2014

Friday 24th October 2014, 8:56am (AEDT)

Illuminating The Hidden

“The last moon & this Mercury retrograde period has been really illuminating in so many ways, and I am waiting with bated breath for this coming Scorpio solar eclipse, the last one of the year, to see what final clarity will be received under this passionate moon…”

Scorpio New Moon

Over this last year we have seen that anything that isn’t aligned to our value systems is naturally falling away so that we can become more of who we are and shine more brightly. This new Scorpio/Taurus cycle is about standing strong, stubborn and courageous in the face of our truth. It takes a Scorpio new moon to ignite the passion to break us through the fear and sing our own song loud and proud, and it will take the earthy Taurus full moon on 6th November to see us ground that passion into reality.

Scorpio represents the shift in seasons as we head ever closer to the brightest part of the year and the expansion into the coming summer.

This Scorpio new moon can be one of the most transformational and miraculous moons of the year, or one of the most painful and challenging, depending on where you are paying attention. It is the moon of emotions; of passion and possession, hidden desires, sensuality, impulse, extremes, and fluidity, just like the element of water. It is also one of the most intense, and this final partial eclipse of 2014 will continue the process of illuminating the hidden darkness, ignited by the Aries full moon lunar eclipse.

The extreme spectrum of emotion can be felt during this moon, so be mindful of the emotional balance that we have been working with since the Libra new moon to help ride this potential choppy wave. Change is always scary, despite the fact that nature is in constant flux and change, so be prepared to feel things even more powerfully.

Try this cleansing Kundalini Yoga Meditation for the Negative Mind to help bring you back to neutrality.

Another key is to find personal responsibility and forgiveness for yourself and others, rather than fall into the blame game and find yourself in emotionally chaotic waters. The greater our self-awareness, the less likely we are to fall into the Scorpio trap of jumping to conclusions, brooding over an offense that may not have been intended, getting caught up in distracting dramas, and generally positioning ourselves as victim.

Let this Scorpio eclipse slice through the illusion so that you can see every situation with clarity and awareness. Take a good long look in the mirror. Stare really deep into your eyes – the gateway to your soul. Who do you see? What’s really going on in there? Be brave enough to look. When we can access the deeper aspects of ourselves we are closer to understanding who we really are.

Also use these last few days of this very powerful Mercury retrograde to ask yourself these questions and be really honest and truthful with yourself:

Are you happy?
If not, why not?
What would you like to change?
What can you change?
What can’t you change?
What will make you happy?

This isn’t an instantaneous exercise; the answers may need some time to surface. The key is to examine your own behaviour over the next few days and make an honest appraisal. It is only when we are truly honest with ourselves then we can start to see the solutions.

This is the moon of intimacy and personal transformation. It forces us to be vulnerable and acknowledge our deepest emotions and feelings, and yet it is often our greatest weakness that becomes our greatest strength. We all have to find courage, commitment and perseverance during a Scorpio new moon so we can face our darkness and our light without shame, and accept ourselves exactly as we are.

I will end this Moonscope with the wise words of Terence Mckenna:

“We have been to the moon, we have charted the depths of the ocean and the heart of the atom, but we have a fear of looking inward to ourselves because we sense that is where all the contradictions flow together.”

Love and Blessings to my moon sista Rebekah Shaman for this post.


New Moon Ritual

This ritual will help empower you and strengthen your belief in yourself, which can help you fulfil your goals and dreams.

Sit in a quiet room – be patient and wait until you have completed all your tasks for the day and you are ready to give the time to yourself. Turn off the lights, light a candle and burn incense to create an ambient space. Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight. Close your eyes and become aware of your body. Connect deeply and slowly with your toes, legs, thighs, torso, arms, neck, face and then crown. Exhale all your stresses and release all your frustrations – just breathe them right out of your body. Repeat this process three times. Make sure you are feeling relaxed and stress free. You can also use yogic mantra music to help you go into the dream state.

When you are feeling deeply relaxed and feeling calm and peaceful ask yourself:

Am I where I want to be?

Ask yourself what is needed to change aspects of your life and see what bubbles up from the subconscious. Sometimes we don’t want to hear the messages because we are afraid of making the changes. However, this exercise is just allowing yourself to face and acknowledge your own truth.

Now ask yourself:

Who would I really like to be?
How can I become that?
How can I be more myself?
How can I empower myself more?

Write down any messages that are coming up. This can be very liberating if you are brave enough to be honest and vulnerable. See what comes up without judgement or negativity. Don’t allow the inner critic to use this as an opportunity to flagellate you. This is to empower you to find your own inner answers on how you can best heal yourself.

This is a very good ritual for those of you who are want to heal a rocky/challenging/difficult relationship.

Ask yourself:

How can I best transform my relationship with …………….. so it’s much more loving, harmonious and effortless?

Focus on one particular relationship that comes to mind and make a firm decision to change something in a positive direction. Send the relationship and the other person positive energy, thoughts and intentions, however difficult it may feel at this moment. Use the Kundalini Yoga Forgiveness Meditation to give it more power.

Visualise a positive outcome and most importantly, feel and believe it. Allow these positive loving feelings to develop and mature, finding the inner tolerance, intimacy and forgiveness that will help you heal wounds and meet challenges. Even when the going gets tough, keep on, keeping on with the positive thoughts, overcoming any inner resistance, and by the next new moon you will find yourself in a new process…

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