Leo New Moon, August 2015

Leo New Moon, August 2015

Saturday 15th August, 00:53am (AEST)
Friday 14th August, 2:53pm (UTC/GMT)
Friday 14th August, 7:53am (PDT)

We finally reach the new moon in Leo that will reignite our inner fire and passion. Leo reminds us that we must be more like the proud lion and stand tall, strong and courageous despite the obstacles we face. When we find the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference, life becomes much more enjoyable…

Leo New Moon

Wow! July certainly packed a punch as we got a good planetary pounding to clear some of the dead wood away to make room for new energy and focus to come into our lives. If you are still reeling and wobbling from the last month you will pleased to know we are entering into the fire sign of Leo new moon and a time to shine bright in the year.

Leo reminds us that we have every right to shine and this moon always inspires me to acknowledge how far I’ve come. Every now and then it’s important to recognise the changes we have been making to align our life with our truth. The fiery sign of Leo helps us to see a greater vision of ourselves, by burning away the self-doubt and negative critic that stops us from being great. We have to first recognise our own greatness before we can expect others to see it in us.

But this moon is also a little bit tricky as we can often mistake arrogance for pride, and lose sight of the perspective. If we become too arrogant we can fall flat on our faces over this moon.

This fire moon is all about achievement, acknowledgement and recognition to give us the inspiration and passion to keep on going despite the adversities and challenges that constantly appear. It is enabling us to shine bright so we can inspire others to do the same. When more and more of us choose to see life as a magical gift to be treasured, nurtured and appreciated it helps to negate the culture of fear that is spreading across this planet.

Leo gives us the guts to stand tall, proud and unafraid of who we are and stand up for what we believe in. This is also the moon for action especially if the July moons bought you clarity on certain situations. Now is a good time to take that leap of courage and shine on, life is too short to waste it on being fearful.

It’s all about perspective and we have the choice to see our cups as half full, rather than half empty. When we see the cup as half full we start feeling more abundant, grateful, joyful, happy and harmonious. Let the Leo new moon spark your passion by focusing on what you love about your life.

I will end this with more wise words from Marianne Williamson:

“Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one.”

Leo New Moon Ritual

This new Moon is time to step out into the world and shine bright. Dedicate some alone time for this ritual so it can be done with the right intention and focus. It’s best if you have completed all your tasks for the day and you are ready to give the time to yourself. Create a peaceful and calm space and sit in a comfortable position, with your back straight…

Close your eyes and become aware of your body. Connect first to the crown of your head and feel a warm energy start to flow from the top of your head, down across the scalp, down the shoulders, arms, wrists, hands and fingers. Then feel it flowing down the back and front of your body to your hips and pelvis and then down into your legs, calves, ankles, feet and toes. Exhale all your stresses and release all your frustrations, just breathe them right out your body. Repeat this process three times.

With your eyes still closed imagine that a powerful flame of acceptance and love for who you are, is burning bright and strong, deep in your solar plexus – your core. Feel its heat and golden light spreading around your body. Feel this energy flow around from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

Imagine it burning away the self-doubt, the inner critic, and any false beliefs that are preventing you from expressing your truth and standing proud in your power. Continue to feel this flame flowing until you are completely consumed by it and accept/feel/know that you are an amazing wondrous being.

For the next few weeks spend at least fifteen minutes every morning and evening before going to sleep to send a gratitude prayer for everything that is happening in your life, whether you like it or not. We can spend far too much time listening to our inner critic that we can forget to see all the blessings that are around us.

If you are looking for romance, want to spice up an existing relationship, or you would like to be intimate with someone special, imagine them next to you and feel the loving, passionate energy you feel flowing to them. Envelope them in your loving embrace and see them acknowledging and responding to your energy and returning it to you. Express either in words or energetically how you are feeling towards them.

Sometimes you may also receive an answer from them, or the vision may get sexual – just trust your intuitive voice that is coming from deep within and don’t block the flow. This visualisation exercise is very potent so be careful who you choose…

& Shine on you crazy diamond!!

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