Pisces New Moon, March 2015

Pisces New Moon, March 2015

Friday 20th March 2015, 8:36pm (AEDT)

This Pisces new moon is coming just as we enter into the fire sign of Aries, giving us an opportunity to turn an emotional moon cycle into a determined and focused process.

The Pisces moon is the final moon of the zodiac, so it also represents endings. This is an opportunity to accept the reality of a situation and use this dark moon to let go of anything or anyone that is no longer serving you, if you have not done it already.

We can no longer fear change, stay in our comfort zone, or avoid the inevitable. This moon helps us to recognise that things are in our lives for a season, a reason or a lifetime, and letting go allows new projects and people to fill the space you have created.

Pisces connects us to the dreamtime, and a world of possibilities. It is the mysterious moon that shines a light on our emotional processes, shows us where our blockages are, and enables us to glimpse what we can achieve, if we believe.

If your heart is calling you, however irrational, follow it without judgement. All the great and wonderful things that have ever been created came from a single thought, a belief in the impossible, and then focused action to create it into reality.

During this moon cycle, pay attention to your dreams, magical signs, synchronicities and intuition, these hidden messages are from your subconscious guiding you on your path. This is also an excellent time to start a dream diary, as intuition usually increases under a Pisces moon.

However, the Pisces new moon can also create a rising emotional tide this weekend, so avoid getting into any arguments or disagreements, as many people will be on edge and tempers are high, influenced by the Aries fire. If you find the actions of others hard to stomach, remind yourself that all behaviour is an attempt to meet a need, and try and respond without creating more conflict.

Life may seem chaotic and unpredictable over the coming weeks, and resisting the flow will create unnecessary tension and stress. Take a deep breath if you feel the stress and anxiety overwhelming. Bring yourself back to the present moment, where it is safe, in order to take stock before reacting to a perceived fear or imagined threat.

This Piscean new moon can drown us emotionally, or help us navigate the deep depths of our unconscious. The more we can get out of our own way, relinquish control, forgive ourselves and accept the things we cannot change this moon will prove very enlightening.

I will end this Moonscope with the wise words of the Ralph Waldo Emerson:
“Be not the slave of your own past. Plunge into the sublime seas, dive deep and swim far, so you shall come back with self-respect, with new power, with an advanced experience that shall explain and overlook the old. ”

New Moon Ritual


Ho’oponopono means ‘to rectify an error.’ This is an ancient Hawaiian ritual of forgiveness which is based on the understanding that the problems in our lives are the results of errors based on past memories. When we acknowledge and take responsibility for our actions, and we repent for our errors, the light transforms our pain.

It’s very powerful if done from the heart. It is the perfect ritual to release any guilt you may be feeling for yourself, or others so you can let go of the past and move forward more easily.
Begin your ritual with a prayer of gratitude for all your blessings, and for the opportunity to bring more peace, love and harmony into your life. Make some quiet time in your busy day and give yourself space to relax. Slow down with some breathing and meditation, until you reach the stillness within. Light a candle and place it next to you

Bring to mind the person you need to heal with. Now repeat these phrases until you begin to feel a warm sensation of love and compassion flow through your body. Break through any resistances, knowing that life is too short for you to be carrying around anger, hate, sorrow, pain, and frustration. Once we let go of these emotions that belong to the past, we free ourselves up to bring in more positive and loving experiences into our lives.

I’m sorry
Forgive me
Thank you
I Love you

It is only when we first find real forgiveness and compassion for ourselves, for our mistakes, our regrets, our own faults and blunders that we can find it for others. It is only when we heal our deepest wounds that we see the healing automatically happening in our external world.

At the beginning this ritual may seem painful, especially if you feel like you are not to blame for the situation you find yourself in. However, It is this denial that stops us from accepting that on the deepest subconscious level we have chosen this person and this situation and we are responsible for everything that has and is happening. The power comes when we can recognise this, change our internal dialogue, and let go of the past in order to create a new future.

When we can start seeing every experience, however hard and painful, with compassion and gratitude for ourselves, rather than as a helpless victim, we can start accepting both the dark and light parts of our nature and start co-creating the life we want to experience.

Total Solar Eclipse

Since ancient times, eclipses have held deep significance, as an opportunity to prepare spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically for coming change. It only lasts a few minutes, but the intensity can reverberate around the planet shaking up the status quo and illuminating the darkness.
On 20th March there is a total eclipse of the sun at 9.36am, as the moon turns dark and will completely cover the face of the sun. It will be partially visible in Greenland, Europe, the UK, parts of Asia and North Africa.

The darkening of the sun in the sign of Pisces is an opportunity for us to remember our role, as stewards on the planet. We are here in service to humanity, Mother earth and all living things, not for our own personal gain and desires.

This eclipse illuminates how serving the greater good, rather than our shallow, ego-based, personal gratification, brings real harmony and peace to both our personal lives and the planet.
If you are not in alignment with your heart, and you know what you are doing is not serving you or the greater whole, you may feel overwhelmed by feelings of guilt and sadness. Rather than wallow as a victim make a commitment to change and then use the Pluto/Uranus square to give you the courage and energy to do it.

Autumn Equinox

This is the autumn quarter point when night and day reach equal length once again, before the days become shorter than the nights. It is a celebration for the abundance that fills our lives and the festival of thanksgiving when we harvest our ideas, visions, and dreams. The balance between light and dark is once again restored at this time of preparation for the coming winter.

Once the harvest is complete it is the time to get on with creating our dreams, visions and goals until the planting next spring. It is also the opportunity to go within and find the space to really acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses.

This is a good time to invite family and friends to gather to share the abundance of the harvest crop. Ask everyone to bring a dish to share made from seasonal food. Don’t forget to acknowledge and celebrate the abundance of Gaia as you share her fruits.

Decorate your alter with autumn leaves, seed and nuts and burn orange, green and brown candles.
If you have a garden, or even a window box, plant some spring bulbs, or seeds as a metaphor for what you wish to grow in your own life.

Remember to get rid of clutter and start the new cycle with a clearer outlook and new renewed energy.

Love and Blessings to my moon sista Rebekah Shaman for this post


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