Capricorn New Moon, January 2019

Capricorn New Moon, January 2019

Sunday 6th January 12:28pm (AEST)
Sunday 6th January 1:28am (UTC)
Saturday 5th January 8:28pm (EST)

“Keep UP and you will be KEPT UP”
– Yogi Bhajan.

Capricorn is a practical earth sign which activates ambition, responsibility, determination and patience. The Capricorn New Moon is an ideal time for us to harness these energies and focus them on our work and business goals.

New moons can be “Power Days” (Jan Spiller, New Moon Astrology) potent for manifesting our prayers and wishes, when we attune them to the energies of the current moon. So this Capricorn New Moon is the most powerful time for you to weave into your rituals any wishes you have around…

  • future security & future needs
  • handling responsibility
  • reaching goals
  • success, recognition
  • management skills
  • authority figures
  • releasing controlling tendencies

Here’s a few examples of personal wishes I have woven into my Capricorn New Moon rituals:

Reaching Goals: I call in ease and grace with committing to the completion of my new website. I also call in support to harness the opportunities with my work and clarity on which creative projects lead to the highest potential of my work.
Success: I ask that any blockages to my abundant success be lifted from me now
Authority figures: I now seed and welcome a deeper connection with my father.
Control: I humbly ask that any self-sabotaging tendencies to control others be totally lifted from me now.

Capricorn New Moon Ritual

We share with you a few easy ritual ideas to bring magic to your new moon experience.

SMUDGE – to clear and purify the space, your mind and your energy. Try a burning a resin like copal or frankincense on a hot coal if you want to go all out or simply use whatever is growing around you or in your kitchen cupboard like eucalyptus leaves, cinnamon bark etc.

ALTAR – Light a candle and place any sacred items on your altar: feathers, stones, crystals etc. You may wish to place these on an earthy coloured cloth or include an image of the mountain goat to connect with Capricorn energies.

CAST CIRCLE – Honour and call in the sacred directions. You may wish to drum or chant as you do this.

GOAL SETTING – Meditate quietly for a time and when you are ready reflect on any relevant wishes and prayers you have at this time. (See above). As we are in the New Year you may want to extend this to include not just goals for the lunar cycle but also for the new solar cycle. For each goal, spend a few minutes visualising yourself achieving it. Really feel the feelings of achievement. Visualise in colour, add sounds, smells, tastes, tactile sensations to make each achievement as real as possible. Do this until you feel completely expanded.

CLOSE – Give thanks & reopen the circle to complete.

Image credit: unsplash-logoKT

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