Leo Full Moon, January 2019

Leo Full Moon, January 2019

Monday January 21, 16:15 (AEST)
Monday January 21, 05:15 (UTC)
Sunday January 20, 21:15 (PST)

“I’m on the path to being someone I’m equally terrified by and obsessed with. My true self.” – Troye Sivan

“Beyond the fear of your insignificance, is your magnificance!” – Sjha’ra Taylor

Use this potent fiery Leo Full Moon, super moon & total lunar eclipse energy to spark your passion & creativity. Be courageous enough to reveal more of your true self. Give yourself permission to speak up and express yourself, especially in the ways you tend to hold back. Now is your time to claim full empowerment!

You love being a part of rituals and ceremonies, or offering these to your tribe, right? Well imagine how much more powerful your ceremonies and rituals can be when you align them with the heavens, the seasons and the lunar phases. In these newsletters, I will be sharing New & Full Moon Inspirations and offering different ritual ideas to support your journey and take you deeper into cosmic alignment with your work.

So here’s a Leo Full Moon Empowering Ritual to bring you into alignment with this potent portal…

Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Ritual

Leo is here to activate our magnificent leadership, our creativity and power. However lunar eclipses can reveal our shadow parts (which nudge us towards our path of self-discovery, healing and wholeness). So this eclipse can trigger deep seated fears, especially those around being insignificant, or not being seen or heard. This is actually a great opportunity to tap into the magic and mystery available during an eclipse and reflect on our sacred leadership, our Queendom or Kingship.

SMUDGE – to clear and purify the space, your mind and your energy. Try a burning a resin like copal or frankincense on a hot coal if you want to go all out or simply use whatever is growing around you or in your kitchen cupboard like eucalyptus leaves, cinnamon bark etc.

ALTAR – Light some candles and place any sacred items on your altar; feathers, stones, crystals etc. You may wish to place these on a warm coloured cloth; red, orange, yellows or include an image of a lion or the sun to connect with Leo, fiery energies. It depends on your traditions and lineage, but I like to place incense and feathers in the east to connect with the element of air, a candle in the north to represent the fire element, a bowl of water and shells in the west to honour the water element and crystals and seed pods in the south to invoke the earth element. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere you can swap, so fire is in the south and earth is in the north.

CAST CIRCLE – Honour and call in the sacred directions. You may wish to drum or chant as you do this.

CACAO – Call in Cacao Blessings, give thanks and drink to good health & your full empowerment

EMPOWERMENT – Meditate quietly for a time and when you are ready reflect on your use of expression, creativity, leadership and power.

Ask yourself: Where am I holding myself back from expressing my true self? When am I not standing in my power? Where am I refusing to step into leadership?

Meditate on these questions and when you are ready take pen to paper and let yourself write whatever comes without filtering. Then meditate on experiencing yourself in Sacred Leadership, your Queendom or Kingship, whatever that looks like for you. This power with is so different to power over another. Visualise your benevolent power, sense it, feel it. Visualise, sense and feel your magnificence. Flesh it out and give it details. As you feel it, let yourself marinate in this sensation to really embody it. Take a moment to write this experience down.

EXPRESSION – Invite everyone to take turns to boldly share their experience through any creative expression. E.g. sacred sound, dance, a poem, a story, movement, a song etc. Or to simply read theirs out.

If there is time and space, sound and chant together or dance (especially around the fire if you can) to help to raise the energy and seal the healing. This can also be done if working alone.

CLOSE – Give thanks & reopen the circle to complete.

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