Sagittarius Full Moon, June 2019

Sagittarius Full Moon, June 2019

Monday Jun 17, 6:30pm (AEST)
Monday Jun 17, 9:30am (BST)
Monday Jun 17, 1:30am (PT)

Sagittarius Full Moon Rewilding Ritual

In the hours just before the moon reaches her fullest (exact at 6.30pm AEST) do your rituals to invoke the magic to manifest energy, creativity and to celebrate that which you seeded at the new moon. Here are some juicy ritual intentions to bring the Sagittarius full moon power to:

  • Quest for truth
  • Spiritual Insight
  • Peace of mind
  • Freedom
  • Travel & Adventure
  • Optimism
  • Faith
  • Spiritual Teacher

Find a wild place in nature where you can drum and dance around a fire….

SMUDGE – to clear and purify the space, your mind and your energy. If you’re in Australia you can use the abundance of Eucalyptus available and smoke this on the fire to cleanse. Otherwise use whatever grows locally, as whatever is around you is more likely to be the plant ally for you.

ALTAR – Light candles and place sacred items on your altar; feathers, stones, crystals etc. You may wish to place these on a warm & fiery coloured cloth; yellow, orange and red and include an image of an archer, a centaur, the Goddess of Artemis or Diana, to connect with Sagittarius. It will depend on your tradition and lineage, but I like to place incense and feathers in the east to connect with the element of air, a candle in the north to represent the fire element, a bowl of water and shells in the west to honour the water element and crystals and seed pods in the south to invoke the earth element. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere you can swap, so fire is in the south and earth is in the north. But always trust your own intuition here.

CAST CIRCLE – Honour the traditional caretakers of the land, then honour and call in the sacred directions. You may wish to drum or chant as you do this. I like to welcome in the elements here. Give your intuition permission to guide you spontaneously.

CACAO – Call in Cacao Blessings, give thanks and drink with reverence to open the heart portal.

INVOCATION TO ARTEMIS – Spend a moment gazing at the full moon. Burn a little Artemisia herb (wormwood) in your incense burner, if you have any available. Close your eyes and breathe in the scent. Then chant or recite this beautiful invocation to call in Artemis, the protector of wild things, to be with you & guide your ritual.

    Oh, Artemis, mighty huntress,
    Queen of the night sky,
    Sending down arrows of light.

    Oh, Artemis, Bear mother,
    Protectress and nurturer,
    Give us your strength, wisdom and valour
    So we may send out our arrows of truth
    Into the heavens.

    (Women’s Medicine Ways, Marcia Starck)

KUNDALINI MEDITATION FOR RADIANCE & EASE – Come into your preferred meditation posture with a straight spine. Hands resting in your lap, one on top of the other, with the thumb tips touching, but pointing away from the body. Let yourself be relaxed and comfortable in this position. Breathing naturally, totally relax the eyelids and allow them to close of their own accord. Go within and with the eyes closed mentally look around you. Tune into the aura and feel that you are a part of Mother Nature as a being… Feel that you are a star in the vastness and the beauty of the blue sky… Perceive your own radiance… Maintain the expanded state of conscious awareness as you meditate for at least 3 minutes, remaining totally relaxed.

Before closing the meditation use your expanded state of consciousness to tune in to your ritual intention (eg Quest for truth, Spiritual Insight, connecting to a spiritual teacher etc.) and really feel into it. Patiently take time to listen to any wisdom coming to you from the stars. Ask any questions. Receive any answers. As you come back promise yourself to remember what you learned in that expanded state. You may even want to take a moment to journal.

RAISE THE ENERGY – Drum and dance around the fire. Let yourself be completely free, offering your gratitude for all that you have received, known and unknown, with wild abandon. Sagittarius moon energy craves freedom so don’t stifle your body’s movement or expression. This can even be done if working alone. Just let go and see how much energy you can cultivate, how uplifted you can feel in your body, without going into any particular logic or reason. After some time…

GROUND & SHARE – Let yourself land on the earth, rest and reflect once again on what you’ve learned in that expanded state. Look around and see if there’s anything around you, like a wildflower that you connect with, to remind you of your own wild nature. Bring it back into circle and each have a turn holding the “talking stick” to share your insights.

CLOSE – Give thanks & reopen the circle to complete.

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