Taurus New Moon, May 2019

Taurus New Moon, May 2019

Sunday May 5, 8:45am (AEST)
Saturday May 4, 11:45pm (GMT)
Saturday May 4, 3:45pm (PT)

Taurus New Moon Love Ritual

While the moon is new in Taurus it can bring out our earthier practical & patient traits. But it also offers an opportunity to express and explore our affectionate, sensual nature; a time to indulge and enjoy our sensory pleasures.

SMUDGE & CLEANSE: to clear and purify the space, your mind and your energy. This is a good moon to try burning a more opulent resin like frankincense or myrrh.

ALTAR: Light candles and place sacred items on your altar; feathers, stones, crystals etc. You may wish to place these on an emerald green cloth and include an image of a bull to connect with Taurus, fertile earth energies. It depends on your traditions and lineage, but I like to place incense and feathers in the east to connect with the element of air, a candle in the north to represent the fire element, a bowl of water and shells in the west to honour the water element and crystals and seed pods in the south to invoke the earth element. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere you can swap, so fire is in the south and earth is in the north. But always trust your own intuition here.

CAST CIRCLE: Honour and call in the sacred directions. You may wish to drum or chant as you do this. This may include a summoning of the elements. Give your intuition permission to guide you spontaneously.

CACAO: – Call in Cacao Blessings, give thanks and drink* with reverence to open the heart portal. For more of a love potion, make up a Sacred Cacao Love Potion – a recipe for more mojo!

INVOCATION TO APHRODITE: Chant or recite this beautiful invocation to call in Aphrodite the Goddess of Love & Fertility, to be with you & guide your ritual.

    Golden haired Aphrodite,
    Aphrodite with your golden hair,
    Arising from the sea,
    Surrounded by white foam,
    Being birthed by the waters.

    Aphrodite, bless us,
    With your beauty,
    With your love,
    With your fertile, pregnant being,
    That we may heal the Earth,
    And help her to bear fruit.

PRAYERS: Meditate quietly for a time. Go within and enter your heart portal. Patiently take time to listen to any whispers from your heart. Ask any questions. Receive any answers. When you are ready reflect on your hearts desires and wishes at this time & write them on paper or leaves. Particularly any prayers involving:

  • Grounding
  • Prosperity
  • Sensual Pleasure
  • Fertility
  • Self-Worth
  • Patience
  • Releasing stubbornness

EXPRESSION: Name them, speak them, share them. Whether you are alone or in group – the universe wants to support your dream wishes, but it needs to hear you! Once you have sung, cried, whispered, howled, declared and claimed these wishes aloud to the moon you can get creative on how you release them to the universe. I love to bury my wish leaves, seeing as though Taurus is an earth sign. But you could offer them to a fire or candlelight, to send them out into the ether; or float them down a river or plunge them into the ocean… Once you have done this, trust it has been received by the universe.

RAISE THE ENERGY: Sound and chant together or dance to help to raise the energy of your intentions. This can also be done if working alone. Or if you are with your beloved make love and seal the ritual with your orgasm. Be sure to visualise your wish/es as a vision as you climax. This sends out your sacred intention with the most powerful lifeforce energy there is! It is infinitely stronger if you are both working with the same vision/intention.

CLOSE: Give thanks & reopen the circle to complete.