How Much Are You Truly
Letting Love In?

The reason I ask about letting love in is that sometimes we may not even be aware that we are filtering or blocking the flow of love of our hearts. I had a beautiful realization around this recently & feel guided to share it with you…

While I was watching a birthing documentary I was struck deeply by one woman’s insightful comments on the difference between her 1st & 2nd births. She mentioned that in her 2nd birth she was able to consciously open up to the “fullness of receiving that much love”, where she had been unable to in her 1st pregnancy & birth experience. She said in her 1st pregnancy, it had been too much to take in, she found it difficult to open to receive so much love.

Something in this hit home. I found myself ruminating over it. I sensed I too, had been a little numb, keeping a lid on how much love I was letting myself feel, and ‘putting a lid’ on the immensity of love I felt for my own baby, as a protection against loss. When I could open up to admit this I saw with clarity the (non)sense behind it. I have journeyed & healed through a lot of hurt, grief, separation & loss with close family members before. And so it seems, some residual fear of experiencing this hurt again, had crept in unconsciously & blocked the loving flow of my heart.

It felt like such a huge weight off my shoulders to acknowledge the fear & the block it created between my baby & I. Now I can accept the fear & feel my tenderness around it, but also connect to the hugeness of the love that is swelling up within & really, really allow it. Ahhhhhh…. (Big heart sigh).

If you sense there may be a lid or lock on your heart at this time, or simply want to open up to experience greater love flowing in your life I recommend the beautiful Heart Opening Meditation in the Yogi Tips.

So, how much are you truly letting love in?

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