Sacred Ceremony by Sjha’ra

Sacred Ceremony by Sjha’ra

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I have just undergone one of the most profound inner transformations of my life – a belated “Maiden to Mother Rite of Passage Healing Ceremony”. I invited a mix of maiden’s, mothers and crones from amongst my closest women friends. And wowee, was it powerful! Just imagine how healing and enriching it is to be so completely and lovingly witnessed and held in your naked vulnerability, within the nurturing space of a sacred women’s circle, gathered in Your Honour. Yes, but it takes courage first…

For me, I had to really call on my reserve courage for this one. All my old wounds came up; Am I worthy? Can I be that special? Thankfully I found my way to the YES response and with the loving, persistent support of my dearest sistas the ceremony went ahead. And so I received my ethereal pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Honestly I felt a changed woman afterwards, not only more whole and complete, but also more empowered. I am not just saying that. It’s like I have been released from a heavy burden I thought was mine to be carried alone. Bye bye guilt, bye bye shame.
But for many of us, especially as women, we find all the excuses in the world not to find the time, not to prioritise our Selves.

Undergoing this transformation reminded me of how vital Rite of Passage ceremonies and rituals are for finding the peace and grace to get through challenging times.

I am so grateful that I have both participated in and held many, many circles, ceremonies, blessings and rituals over the many moons of my life, since my own first Rite of Passage ceremony at the ripe age of 13. I’m grateful that this has become part of my way of (celebrating) life. Yet I feel for the countless number of women and men whose lives are devoid of any kind of sacred ceremony or ritual, whose major challenges and triumphs pass by unmarked, as if swept under the carpet. Doesn’t life all seem rather pointless then?

I feel so passionate about reintroducing ritual and medicine ways back into our lives to bring back meaning and a sense of the sacred. I believe this should be available to us all, regardless of whether you’re a corporate city slick or a free spirit flower child. The modern day fast pace car chase consumer life has got it so wrong where it honours the profane where it should the sublime of divine nature, natural cycles and rhythms. Ritual and ceremony is something I have been doing intuitively for almost 25 years. The few times it has dropped away from my life I have suffered. I know how vital it is for keeping my spirit alive, for helping me to sustain a sense of the sacred and to remember how magic life really is.

I realise this is one of my gifts and now it’s time to share it in the wider community. I truly love holding space and sharing Cacao Ceremonies and Chocolate Yoga workshops, but I also love offering more personalised Rituals and Journeys.

So for anyone who is in transition, at a crossroads, grieving, or ready for deep honouring, whether it’s your:

  • Hen’s Night
  • Blessing Way (Pre Natal)
  • Maiden to Mother (Post Natal)
  • Daughter’s first Moontime
  • Sacred Union / Wedding
  • Menopause / Croning
  • Business Blessing
  • Special Anniversary or Birthday

As well as:

  • Grief Ceremonies, Loss of a Baby, Termination, Death & Passing Over, Divorce and Separation
  • Blessing Way (Pre Natal)
  • Space Clearing Rituals

I am now available for private ceremonies. You can book your own personalised journey for you and your partner or group of friends – I will design it to your precise resonance!

To book or for more info please email Sjha’ra or contact my mobile on +61 432 084 090.

Honouring these powerful times of transition with ceremony and ritual helps us to make the shift and bring in the change of consciousness required for the next phase of our life journey. It connects us with, and honours our cyclical rhythms and nature. It allows us to merge with a greater whole and incorporate this sacred energy within ourselves.

In Lak’ech

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