Shamanic Heart Session (2h)

US $84.63


Transformative, tailored 2 hr sessions using the magic of Cacao:

     Ignite full support of the universe to manifest your sacred intentions
     Alchemise wounds into gifts
     Move through your blockages
     Harness your energy & full potential
     Activate & open your heart portal
     Switch on your inner guidance & wisdom

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Mondays: 7am, 9:30am & 12:00pm
Thursdays: 9:30am & 12:00pm

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All sessions are 2 hours duration.

Individual: $120 AUD
Couples: $160 AUD

Ceremonial Cacao

Shamanic Heart Sessions use the magic of Cacao. We are offering Sacred Earth Medicine Ceremonial Cacao at a discount price when you book a SHS! If you require Cacao for your session, please tick the checkbox in the booking section below and indicate the number of blocks that you want.

Please ensure that you book your session leaving enough time for your Cacao to arrive. Within Australia: 1 week, Overseas: 2+ weeks.



Shamanic Heart Session

A tailored two hour Shamanic Heart Session Includes:

  • Kundalini Energy Activation specifically chosen to assist your Sacred Intention
  • Shamanic Meditationan inner journey to lift the veils, meet your inner guide, the Cacao Deva & any other guides that come through. Offer up your Sacred Intentions to spirit to receive:
  •         The Guidance and Support you need
  •         Powerful healing taking place on the Inner Planes that ripples out to transform your everyday.
  •         Tools for Journeying to other realms to connect with Spirit, so you can access guidance any time you need it!

Thorough follow up support grounds and anchors your transformation; with a take home copy of your personal Kundalini Energy Activation plus 3 follow up emails.

So what could possibly hold you back from the embodiment of your full potential and sacred intention?

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