Chocolate Yoga is a totally blissful experience and is the most delicious yoga yet! Check out the testimonials below for what people are saying about our previous workshops…


100% Divine Perfection… The Cacao Practice was insightful, a beautiful way to incorporate the earth’s medicine with intention to the practice. The Kriya was perfect & rainbow serpent meditation very honoring for this land and within.
– Lakshmi
I would just like to thank you again for the Spring Cleanse workshop. It has been the most profound journey, on all levels… feeling cleaner, and clearer energetically. I have had so many revelations and insights, which are continuing to build and grow.
Thank you again for the sacred,sublime, and powerful gift you share with the world. It was an honour to meet you both, and I look forward to future workshops.
In love, light, and gratitude,
– Sequoia Haskell, Lifepharm Global
You ran it with genuine love and passion… When connecting to the yin & yang sides I felt connected…I worked through past love hurts, self love releasing in all my body. – Chev
…the cacao moved through me softly and warmly, opening my heart and gently allowing myself to experience a rich knowing of who it is I am: LOVE. Thank you for sharing the practice with me / us. – Bronnie
I loved every second of it….Absolutely blissful, divine, intense, enriching experience!
– Sunne
I felt very lifted in energy. I really enjoyed the energy of cacao.
– Anna
I had resistance to come (because I’m very busy & pressured at work) I found I was given EXACTLY what I was needing to face these challenges with more strength, creativity & passion. I’m feeling my old stories & fears loosen their grip & feeling more self compassion. (the cacao) felt powerful & supportive. – Sam
I got deeper insights of the challenging stuff in my life & also my life purpose. – Yukie
I felt a deepening. I connected strongly into my centre, feeling an unending compassion for myself & all beings. Different emotions & thoughts came up & melted away. Thank you for your dynamic serenity and warmth. – Bronwyn
(the cacao) felt like silk running through my insides.
A lovely deepening. – Delicia


















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